Home Page

This is the HOME PAGE. Your site will have a fully editable homepage, but in this "test drive" website, you are limited to editing, adding, and deleting just the other other pages.  Since other people are also "testing" this system, you may see changes that have been entered by others that do not represent the views and opinions of this company. Each day this Website will be Reset in order to remove undesirable content. In addition to changing the webpages, you can also add, edit, and delete both students and instructors.  However, in order to maintain the integrity of this "test drive" website, you can not delete or edit the following protected accounts:

Student (John Smith)jsmith@test.comstudent

Use these accounts to log in and "test drive" the various features of the system.  You can also add more accounts, but those accounts will be removed every few days as the "test drive" system is reset.

Until you LOGIN, this page and the pages that you see on the menu to the left are viewable by the public. Once you log in, you will have access to other pages base on your identity: admin, instructor, or student. Admins are able to modify the site, modify student records, and view company details.  Instructors and students can access their schedules, but have limits on what can be viewed or modified.

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